Boys with Braces

Walsh Warriors, #2

Publication Date: September 2022

Our timing sucks! I get that. We are seniors in our last semester, we shouldn’t be forming attachments.”

Riley wasn’t expecting much when she moved to sleepy Grady Springs half-way through her senior year. But her cousin needed her, so… she moved, made new friends, and met her perfect match.

Intelligent, brooding, and beautiful, Lazar Maras is everything Riley has ever wanted in a boyfriend, yet she is hesitant to form an attachment, as bad things happen to those she allows in her heart.

Problem is, it might already be too late.

Lazar has no interest in forming romantic entanglements, he simply wants to concentrate on wining state and signing with his dream university.

That was until he met Riley Boone. She is his dream girl, smart, beautiful and kind. Wanting to learn everything about her, he’ll accept being friend zoned, if he gets to continue to spend time with her.

When outside pressures test their budding relationship, choices must be made, lines drawn, if they are to have any future together…