Boys with Secrets

 A Walsh Warriors Novella, #1.5

Publication Date: June 2022

There must be something in the air, as boys hiding secrets abound at Walsh High.

 Lazar Maras has a secret.

Tall. Athletic. Smart. Quiet. Aloof. Standoffish. All terms used to describe Lazar by his classmates at Walsh High School. Lazar never cared how others viewed him. That was until a new girl, has him wanting more.

Setting out to make changes, Lazar becomes embroiled in something ugly. Damage control requires him to keep this secret from his brother, his teammates, his family.

Because if the truth ever got out, he won’t be the only one to deal with its destructive aftershocks.

 John Addams’ life is a lie.

John had a plan when he moved to Grady Springs and tried out for the Warriors’ baseball team. Life would be easy if he just stuck to his plan.

But everything changed when he started dating Walsh’s homecoming queen Claire Knehan.

Falling for her was never part of the plan. But…plans change.

John couldn’t guard his heart from Claire, any more than he can protect Claire from the fallout when his secrets are exposed. And time is up.

 **This story deals with topics some readers may find confronting. Reader discretion advised.