Girls with Scars

Walsh Warriors Series, #1
Publication Date: January 2022



My life is a mess. One sister's in jail and the other ran off to Reno, leaving me a thousand bucks and  an eviction notice to our apartment. Thankfully, I secure a work-study job at a local auto garage. All I gotta do is avoid child protective services until I'm eighteen, finish senior year, and snag a college basketball recruiter's attention. No biggie, right? Then I meet Pen, my new boss's beautiful, mysterious daughter. I can't stop thinking about her. Who is she really, and why does she vanish between classes and during lunch.



Senior year's just begun, but given how quiet things are so far, I'm optimistic I'll finish the rest of high school unscathed. Then Nate Palmer, gorgeous basketball star, trips over my bag...and asks me if I'm new her. evidently, he has no idea who I am, or what I've been through the last two years. Despite my undeniable attraction to him, I try to keep him at arm's length. But Nate's gentle, caring affection breaks through my emotional defenses. When old enemies resurface and threaten our budding relationship, I'm forced to decide: walk away from Nate for good to protect my fragile heart, or reclaim those painful scars and finally heal.